Fall Rush 2020!

Your experiences in college both in and outside the classroom will have a profound impact in shaping who you are as a person and building the foundation for a successful future. Out of all the opportunities afforded to you during your time in college, perhaps none is more valuable than a fraternity experience. At DU, what you see is what you get. We stand by our Four Founding Principles of Promotion of Friendship, Development of Character, Diffusion of Liberal Culture and the Advancement of Justice. We offer a unique, 21st century college experience focused on preparing men for life in an ever-growing global society.

RUSH DU 2020

If you'd like to apply for the Fall 2020 rush, fill out the form and be sure to include your hometown.  We'd love to get you started in the rush process as early as possible. One of our rush chairs will get in contact with you ASAP.